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Albergue Miraflores House

Hostel in Lima

Albergue Miraflores House
Av. Comandante Espinar
611 Miraflores

Why Miraflores House

I am flying high up in the sky, sitting on a plane, falling a sleep slightly, loads of hours on the way...the Milky Way to Southamerica! Of course I thought of the place I gonna go. It is Peru – the land of the Inkas. It is the first time. For sure it gonna be a great time. I have just enough time. And it is time to land. Some minutes later the plane touches earth in the capital Lima, Latin-American earth. I get off the plane, make my way through the airport and cannot understand a word spoken by the people but I am not scared. I just follow the description my hostel gave to me: Go straight through the customs service, cross a glass door and there is the counter of Taxi Green where you will discover your name written down on a sign. Short after the view out of the window of the taxi, the third world passing by, a few impressions of Lima the capital, but it is dark. Too dark to see. To tired to pay attention. The taxi driver is listening to Salsa or Merengue or Cumbia. I have no idea yet and do really feel like a foreigner. But I am safe cause I am on my way home, on my way to Miraflores House. Their slogan "a hostel that feels like home" on the web site caught my attention as well as what guests said about it on Hostelworld´s web site: "The Albergue Miraflores House is a fantastic home away from home" Reservation online, arranged taxi pick-up and I am fine. I ring the bell, step in, walk the long corridor and somebody with a huge smile welcomes me. Francis! The days to come I should find out that "the staff is only too happy to help", no matter the hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Either Francis "the legend of owner" or somebody else of the team is always around to "look after you magnificently". A smile, a small talk and the key to my room. I catch a glimpse to the awesome decoration and fall to bed: bunk bed, matrimonial or single bed depending on your needs and choice. It is one o clock the next day when I open my eyes and focus on the many flags hanging all over on the walls. Nice. And the TV. Wow. Good change after so long time traveling and no time to relax. I switch it ON and just stay in bed. The news – Machu Picchu in Peru – one of the new 7 world wonders! And I am there! Amazing. But first of all a shower to recover power! I step into a quite clean bathroom. Private or shared facilities depending on your decision – hot water always. It smells of coffee when I step out of the bathroom. I can hear music and voices around. It feels good. The social area is beautiful. The walls had been decorated with old cameras, photography's, hats, maps of Lima and Peru, pictures etc.("full of character however"). Francis and some other guys are around, Francis explaining them how best getting to Pisco, calling for a taxi for the next day. And a friend who picks them up there. I sit down with them, listen and have breakfast (included in the price!). We begin to talk about the philosophy of backpackers traveling around the world. The other guys appear to be from England. Me being Australian notice immediately the accent. Nice people. Nice atmosphere. We are explained: do everything you feel like – chat on the internet with your friends, watch TV, listen to music, cook a meal in the kitchen and ask whatever doubts – brief: feel like home! A detailed description about where to go in Lima ("Francis is a great man, trust his word and food recommendations") and where not to go! Miraflores is save – "lovely secure little hostel in a great location." Important! Won the most secure hostel award in 2006! Ok I am safe walking around here. Want to be at the sea – only at 20 minutes walking distance. Vamos, is what we decide together when Francis offers us to take us on a tour: All about Peru in the National Museum of Archeology, Antrophology and History of Peru in the old quarter Pueblo Libre, all along the beach – Miraflores, Barranco, Chorrillos – Salto del Fraile (surprise, surprise!!!), 2-hours guided tour through the archeological complex of Pachacamac 40km away from the city, walk in the colonial downtown of Lima with entrance to the Convento San Francisco catacumbs, ride up to the San Christobal Hill to enjoy a view over an amazing city. AND "possibly one of the most inspiring, funny, kindest, fantastic, jolly people you could ever meet" – Francis. Price? $35 per person! We took the tour, ended up eating Chifa with him and fairly tired but happy. Go with him and you will spend a wonderful day! He also offers a good trip to the south of Lima (Paracas, Ica, Nazca)! I need to mention Francis' numerous great ideas - establishment of new tours, implementing eco and agrotourism, development of social projects - everything caused by the passion and the desire to contribute to a better state of his country. Faszinating! Contributing. Participating. Yeah, I would like to participate, come back to help him. But now we participate in a relaxed night upon arrival back at Miraflores House – other friends, other conversations, other view of things! Germans, they came to live in Lima, only wanted to store luggage and finally stayed. Store luggage – that is what I do the other day. Day of departure. No problem in leavin my bags "at home" until my plane leaves to Cuzco. I say goodbye to Francis at night, the taxi he called for me is already waiting outside! I smile and know I will come back one day...