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Cheap accommodation in Pingyao

JinJingLou Hotel - Hotel in Pingyao

JinJingLou Hotel is located in a nicely restored courtyard house close by the City Tower Building, the best part of the city down town!! The City Tower Building is the centre of the city. It's only several minutes walking to the main tourist attractio... - more information

PingYao Harmony Backpacker Guesthouse - Guesthouse in Pingyao

Located in the beautiful ancient city of Pingyao, Harmony Backpacker Guest House offers a relaxing haven to budget backpackers and mid-range travellers alike. You will be greeted by English speaking owners in this family run hostel and have the opportunit... - more information

Pingyao Mini Guesthouse - Hostel in Pingyao

Location and intruction: Pingyao Mini Guesthouse is the most special and original local guesthouse in Pingyao, The hostel is so fantastic. It is located in the Nan Da Jie(the main street), near the south gate ,the market tower and the main sites.The gues... - more information

Pingyao Yide Hotel - Hotel in Pingyao

Introduction Yide Guesthouse is a beautifully renovated courtyard house built in 1736 by a wealthy merchant during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. The courtyard reflects the height of the Qing dynasty architectural achievement. The uppper house, the lower ... - more information

Tian Yuan Kui Hotel - Hotel in Pingyao

Pingyao's architecture and city wall are an excellent example of Ming and Qing Dynasty city planning. It is a wonderful place to wander around and discover the every day life of the city's residents. Pingyao has a number of attractions that you should no... - more information

Yamen Hostel (Utels) - Hostel in Pingyao

Booking Information If you are interested in booking a room with us, we encourage that you use Immediately after booking your room, you will receive a confirmation email. Arrangements can be made for a car to pick you up from the train... - more information

Zhengjia International Utels Hostel - Hostel in Pingyao

Zheng jia international youth hostel. It is seated at NO68, south of Yamen Street which is the flourishing street of Pingyao with a complete service of accommodation, catering, entertainment and physical therapy.   Our hostel has four depa... - more information